James Bachini

Capitalisation of Links (www.MySite.com) CRO Test

I thought an interesting split test would be to test if text links on a landing page that are capitalised get more clicks than ones that don’t. For example:

https://www.jamesbachini.com/ – standard (control)

https://www.JamesBachini.com/ – Capitalised

This was for a site that wasn’t a personal name and contained a full directory and page like http://www.MyGreatWebSite.com/example/page.htm

Here are the results:


From this I would suggest that links that aren’t capitalised get more clicks. One thing I would note is that this was only run on one campaign and it was likely caused by the standard link looking more natural and less like a promotion. Also it’s pretty close so variance could have certainly played a part but 70k clicks is a decent sample.

Just another thing worth testing on your landing pages if you are have natural looking links on them.

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James Bachini

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