James Bachini

Facebook Ads Targeting Tool

Brainstorm ideas for your niche using this template as a guide to come with new interests to launch campaigns at on the Facebook!

Stage 1.

Who are the big brands in your targeted niche?
What are the most popular websites?
Who are the popular figures and authoritive bloggers in the niche?
What conferences, concerts, festivals do they attend?
Are there any celebrities this niche would follow?
What books/newspapers/magazines/publications does everyone in this niche read?
Is there a targetable demographic such as age,sex,location?
Are there any online tools and SaaS providers that are popular?
Is there any other targetable interest that makes this niche unique?

Break the above down to logical ad sets approx 500,000 – 1,000,000 reach per ad set. Setup your pixel on the landing page or redirect link and after 1000 clicks check the audience insights for that pixel

Stage 2.

What has audience insights thrown up that I should have known before?
Which probably means these might work too?