James Bachini

A simple floating feedback/support button

Updated for 2020 with a cleaner design.

This uses the mail command in PHP to send the email but if this is disabled on your server you can connect it to Sendgrid/Mailchimp/AWS etc for the sending of email queries.

There is a working example at:


The code for this is really easy to implement as it is all just copy and paste. I’ve open-sourced the project on GitHub:


You can download the source code from Github or here: https://jamesbachini.com/misc/feedback.zip

This is what the form looks like when opened up:







It can be very useful for online businesses to collect feedback from their customers. This gives us priceless insight in to their wants, needs and problems. One quick way to start collecting feedback is to place a floating button on the side of your website which opens up a little form. This can be used for support queries too just change the name of the button.

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James Bachini

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