James Bachini

Local Sims

Travel and work – a tough combination.

One thing that makes it infinitely easier is to purchase a local sim card with 3G data. I’m typing this from a hotel room in Cambodia. The hotel’s wifi like most hotels in SE Asia is questionable at best. Having a local sim card allows me to tether a connection from my phone to my laptop which is good enough for 99% of what I need to do. In fact in some places the 3G is actually quicker than the wired internet connection.

Local sim cards when travelling

At a cost of between $3-20 USD it is a small price to pay when travelling to a new country. Having connectivity on your phone and laptop from almost anywhere is really useful. You can work on long journeys or a “local” coffee shop. Local sim cards can be picked up from most airports upon arrival. The normal travel routine is ATM for local currency, local sim for data, then taxi to the hotel.


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