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Coding PHP for Affiliates | A Getting Started Guide

Coding for me is one of the most important skills you can have as an affiliate marketer. I’ve met plenty of affiliates that are running huge volume, making millions and can’t write a single line of code. “I just outsource it all” but for me I couldn’t imagine coming up with a tweak to a landing page or a new concept and not being able to impliment it there and...

SiteScout RTB – A Walk Through 0

SiteScout RTB – A Walk Through

Update 23/08/12 – If you are interested in working with Sitescout make sure you check out their superb knowedge base. Sitescout is a great traffic source for display advertising. They basically act as a reseller for remnant traffic from some of the biggest ad exchanges in the world. There is needless to say massive volume if you can get something working. The system operates on a real time bidding structure...