James Bachini


  • Ethereum DevCon Bogotá Write Up

    Ethereum DevCon Bogotá Write Up

    In this post I’m going to try to summarise some of the most interesting talks at from DevCon 2022. Here’s a video summary about the key takeaways from the conference. James On YouTube Watch On YouTube: https://youtu.be/kgiAV7z1fwo |Subscribe The main topics for this years event were: One of the best things about the event is […]

  • Vegas Shows January 2013

    Have I missed anything? Anyone going anywhere else around this time? Any advise for surviving a couple of weeks in Vegas? The xBiz awards on Jan 11th are in LA I think so might miss them. Aff Summit West is booked, we are staying at Ceasers Palace between Saturday 12th and Sunday 20th. I hope […]