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  • Micro Conversions | Complete Guide To Optimising & Scaling With Micro Conversions

    Micro Conversions | Complete Guide To Optimising & Scaling With Micro Conversions

    What are micro conversions? Micro conversions are minor events such as clicks and scrolls that we can use to track visitor behaviour and optimise advertising and landing pages faster. They are generally not directly linked to key performance indicators for an advertising campaign but can be used to scale (increase traffic volumes) more effectively. James […]

  • Why postback pixels aren’t good enough

    What is it with the increase in use with global postbacks? This is where you send the network an id and they send it back to you if it converts. It seems that some affiliates are actually using this type of tracking and optimising on a single tracking system. For the love of god can […]

  • Firing a S2S tracking url from an image conversion pixel

    Use this on your landing page: setcookie(“cid”, $_GET[‘accid’], time()+7*24*60*60, ‘/’, ‘.mydomain.com’); This sets up a cookie so you can track a click id in www.mydomain.com?accid=123 You could also set this up track any other data you want, subid, affiliate id etc. Then setup your conversion image pixel as <img src=”http://www.mydomain.com/conversion.php” height=”1px” width=”1px” /> This code […]

  • Loading a conversion pixel on click through

    Mobile campaign optimisation throws up a number of issues in regard to tracking. One thing I’ve found really useful is to load a conversion pixel on click through from the landing page to the offer page. This can be a traffic source pixel which can then be used to give some indication of site/device/carrier quality […]

  • Tracking CPS Networks With Prosper202 and CPV Lab

    In the UK alot of affiliate marketing is done through cost per sale networks. The big ones being Tradedoubler and Affiliate Window. Here is how to integrate their backend systems with a performance based tracking system such as prosper202. TradeDoubler add &epi=[[subid]] Affiliate Window add &clickref=[[subid]] Affiliate Future add &tracking=[[subid]] Commission Junction add &sid=[[subid]] nb.it […]