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  • Copywriting for Websites | Marketing Psychology Secrets

    Copywriting for Websites | Marketing Psychology Secrets

    This article is part of a free online course where you can learn digital marketing. This article provides original research on how copywriting for websites converts visitors to customers and how to write better sales copy on your next website or landing page. 32 Copywriting Tricks Learned From Analysing 210 Landing Pages Marketing Psychology Concepts…

  • 11 Proven Headline Formulas For Affiliate Marketing

    Here is a list of headlines, most you’ll probably recognise. They are all over the web because they work. Use the formulas and adapt it to your product/service. ONE SIMPLE TRICK TO A …[BENEFIT] EXPERTS HATE HIM FOR …[BENEFIT] WARNING: [BENEFIT] 1268 LONDONERS [BENEFIT] IS [PRODUCT] A SCAM? CAN [PRODUCT] HELP YOU [BENEFIT]? HOW TO…

  • Golden Gems in Copywriting

    Copywriting is an essential skill in affiliate marketing. Being able to persuade a user to complete an action comes down to communication and a lot of the communication on a website or landing page is written text. When I write copy I follow a build > breakdown > rebuild workflow. What this means is I’ll…

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