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  • Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

    Google Ads Performance Max Campaigns

    Google Ads Performance Max campaigns are due to be released in 2021 for advertiser who request to be part of the beta test. The ads will be a “next step” in the use of machine learning throughout the Google ads system. What Are Performance Max Campaigns? James On YouTube Performance Max Campaigns Are Conversion Focused…

  • Creating Google Ads | Tips, Tools & Strategies

    Creating Google Ads | Tips, Tools & Strategies

    This article is part of a free online course where you can learn digital marketing. In this module I’ll be showing you how to create Google Ads effectively to get the best return on ad spend. Creating Google Ads Video Where Google Displays Ads Setting Up Google Ads Campaigns PPC Keyword List Tool Tracking Conversions…

  • Display Marketing Logo Challenge

    Wow I don’t mind admitting half of these companies I’ve never heard of before: Display marketing infographic (from http://www.lumapartners.com a good blog actually looking at the industry from an investment perspective) They also have ones for mobile, social and search: http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/mobile-lumascape/ http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/social-lumascape/ http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/search-lumascape/ and my favourite, just in case anyones working on the next MyFace: http://www.lumapartners.com/lumascapes/digital-capital-lumascape/

  • Ideas for Banner Ad Split Tests

    Here are a few ideas for split testing your banner ads. You could quite easily use these to take a single ad and knock up a 100 variations. Test them optimise out the losers and see what works best. There is no single best banner advertisement, everything needs testing and optimising continuously.