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Beautiful Email Template [Download]

I loved this email layout so I created my own version which you can download from here: http://jamesbachini.com/misc/email.zip View the html page: http://jamesbachini.com/misc/email.htm Update all the images and links before you send out. The background skyline is in the zip file, you could modify to suit your niche just keep the color the same.


Download: Basic Email Newsletter Template

Here is a template for a basic email newsletter: http://www.jamesbachini.com/misc/emailnewsletter.zip http://www.jamesbachini.com/misc/emailnewsletter.html Some important things to note when creating email newsletters: Inline CSS Only, no style sheets or <style> tags as they will be stripped by most clients. Make it responsive, a lot of email is read on mobile, it should collapse and expand beautifully. Add utm_source=email&utm_campaign=email newsletter to links to track it in Google Analytics External JS/CSS/Fonts/API’s are all a...

Email Bounce Handling 0

Email Bounce Handling

Here’s some PHP code developed to handle bounced email responses. This will give each response a code to $resno and a category to $rescat. There are 4 categories: Unknown – Hard bounce user or email address isn’t valid Spam – Soft bounce, blocked by spam filters Full – Soft bounce, user is out of resources or inbox is full Block – Soft bounce, IP/Domain is being blocked for SMTP connections...

Automatic backup of MySQL database 0

Automatic backup of MySQL database

Would you like to have a backup of your critical MySQL database emailed to you automatically? The following script was moified from backup2mail and needs setting up as a cron job, instructions are in the code. Download it for free here This is what the code looks like: <?php /// Setup /// // Test it in a browser first and make sure it works. // To set it to run...