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  • Creating Google Ads | Tips, Tools & Strategies

    Creating Google Ads | Tips, Tools & Strategies

    This article is part of a free online course where you can learn digital marketing. In this module I’ll be showing you how to create Google Ads effectively to get the best return on ad spend. Creating Google Ads Video Where Google Displays Ads Setting Up Google Ads Campaigns PPC Keyword List Tool Tracking Conversions…

  • Simple PPC List Builder

    Simple PPC List Builder

    I used to use a programme called JAH Simple PPC to build out wordlists for pay per click campaigns. Basically it would combine different key word variations. I couldn’t find it anymore so decided to build my own and get a bit of practice with javascript. Hope this is useful to someone. http://www.jamesbachini.com/misc/ppc.htm http://www.jamesbachini.com/misc/ppc.htm The…