James Bachini


  • Installing Prosper202 for Affiliate Marketing

    Things you’ll need to get setup with Prosper202 and affiliate marketing: > A webhost or VPS or Dedicated server (web host is cheapest, Dedi’s are most expensive, VPS is a good compromise) > A domain name, just use a .com in case you want to run international in the future. Godaddy are pretty good. > […]

  • High CPU usage on mysqld but low memory usage

    Had a problem with a server that was running alot of traffic and doing a lot of logging and updating mysql tables. The CPU usage was through the roof and it’s an 8 core server with 30GB of RAM. The strange thing was that mysqld was using all the processing power but hardly any memory […]

  • Automatic backup of MySQL database

    Would you like to have a backup of your critical MySQL database emailed to you automatically? The following script was moified from backup2mail and needs setting up as a cron job, instructions are in the code. Download it for free here This is what the code looks like: <?php /// Setup /// // Test it […]