James Bachini


  • Search For Satoshi

    Search For Satoshi

    In 2008 an anonymous user with the alias Satoshi Nakamoto posted the original Bitcoin whitepaper to the Cryptography mailing list. Satoshi mined a lot of the early Bitcoin blocks and the rewards that are held in bitcoin wallets associated are estimated to be around 1 million BTC or 10 Billion USD. If Bitcoin eventually reaches…

  • Node.js client for Moz API (MozScape)

    Node.js client for Moz API (MozScape)

    Update 2020: This is outdated now and not maintained. I’d recommend using one of these packages: https://www.npmjs.com/package/moz-api https://www.npmjs.com/package/moz-api-wrapper Original Post: I was doing some work with SEO domains and realised there wasn’t a node.js client for the MozScape API… so after Googling and not finding what I was looking for I built one. What this…