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Handling large volumes of data with Prosper202 0

Handling large volumes of data with Prosper202

IMO the default version of prosper202 isn’t really designed to handle large volume media buys. The latest version 1.7.2 does make it easier with a simple click to clear click data button but it can still prove difficult to pull off reports once the ammount of data you are analysising exceeds a certain limit. The dedi I use for Prosper is a twin Intel Xeon quad core with 24gb of...

Prosper 202 Mods 2012 0

Prosper 202 Mods 2012

Prosper202 mods 1) increase session life – stops it logging you out every five minutes when you are trying to work add the following line just before session_start(); in 202-config/connect.php ini_set(‘session.gc_maxlifetime’,99999); 2) bypass adverts on first page – bit naughty but I prefer to jump straight into the spy section to see whats been going on. edit 202-login.php line 80: header(‘location: /202-account’);  to   header(‘location: /tracking202’); or /tracking202/spy/ 3) Change $...