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No More Forced Tablet Traffic On Adwords

At last Google has put an end to the way it was allowing bid adjustments for mobile and desktop but not tablets. For years this has meant that Adwords advertisers were forced into getting unwanted tablet traffic and paying the same rate for it as desktop. Here is the blog announcement from Google: http://adwords.blogspot.co.uk/2016/05/ads-and-analytics-innovations-for-a-mobile-first-world.html If you are running Adwords campaigns get in there quick and set the tablet bid adjustment...

Disproportionate Tablet Traffc On Google Adwords 0

Disproportionate Tablet Traffc On Google Adwords

Have you checked your Adwords campaigns by device recently? If not you should definitely take a look because there is a huge amount of tablet traffic and no way to block it for desktop campaigns. You can set bid adjustments at -100% to block mobile traffic but Google have disabled this feature for tablets. This means you are stuck with a lot of tablet traffic, in fact a very disproportionate...