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Option to Disable Adsense Ads

In some cases it is beneficial to provide a link or option for visitors to a site not to see the adsense ads the first time they visit a page. Ads can sometimes be viewed negatively and for the first visit or under certain circumstances it is best to temporarily disable them. Here is the code so that you can just add ?noads=1 to the end of your url and...

Redirection Methods and Referer Passing 0

Redirection Methods and Referer Passing

The following are some methods you can use to redirect users from one place to another. I generally use 301 redirects for anything where I want the referer passed through because this is the fastest. Double meta refresh for anything where blank referer is important and a custom script which incorporates the form submit redirect to fake the referer where this is necessary. Getting the right redirect is important to...

Bing URL Ripper for Dorks 0

Bing URL Ripper for Dorks

This is a URL ripper which uses bing to search for a dork i.e. “powered by wordpress” and output a list of thousands of wordpress sites. This example was actually setup to rip ning sites but you can adjust accordingly. Written in ruby for linux… #!/usr/bin/env ruby require ‘net/http’ require ‘uri’ class Search def search(search) search = search.gsub(‘ ‘, ‘+’) linksinc = Array.new paths =[‘/search?q=’ + search, ‘/search?q=’ + search...