Disproportionate Tablet Traffc On Google Adwords

Have you checked your Adwords campaigns by device recently? If not you should definitely take a look because there is a huge amount of tablet traffic and no way to block it for desktop campaigns.

You can set bid adjustments at -100% to block mobile traffic but Google have disabled this feature for tablets.

This means you are stuck with a lot of tablet traffic, in fact a very disproportionate amount of tablet traffic. In this example campaign you can see more impressions for tablets and nearly a 8:5 ratio on adspend (CPC) with tablet traffic. So where is all the desktop traffic going Google?

tablet traffic google adwordsPremium brand advertisers are getting better targeting options. The left overs are dumped on the SMB’s using Google Adwords.

This is how the discussion with my Adwords rep went:

Me 9:38 AM
So why am I getting a disproportional amount of tablet traffic?
Google Rep    9:39 AM
as tablets are also considered as computers as they have full browser option with them
You are getting higher clicks in tablets because people are searching more about your product via tablet
Me    9:40 AM
Not true, if you look at the impressions as opposed to clicks there is still more tablet traffic
Google Rep    9:40 AM
There are a lot of ads which do not support in tablets but in your case i see the clicks are very high in comparison to computers and the conversions is from tablet and not from computers
Me    9:41 AM
Is most of the computer traffic being sold elsewhere or being given to premium advertisers?
Google Rep    9:42 AM
No, the advertiser search their query on their preferred devices and based on their search the ads are shown
If the tablet is having full browser option then it is as good as a computer
Me    9:43 AM
So basically I am forced to spend my budget on tablets even if I don’t want to?
There’s no way at all to just target computers?
Google Rep    9:43 AM
Not at this moment as tablets with full browser options are considered as computers

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