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  • Traffic Sources | How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

    Traffic Sources | How To Get More Traffic To Your Website

    This module is part of a free online course where you can learn digital marketing. In this module we’ll be exploring the most effective traffic sources to drive more visitors and traffic to your website. Website Traffic Sources [Video] Paid vs Free Traffic – Expectations vs Reality Free Traffic Sources Content Marketing Strategy SEO – […]

  • How To Optimise Online Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    How To Optimise Online Affiliate Marketing Campaigns

    This is going to be another long post about a seemingly boring topic of optimisation. If you ask a hundred affiliates how they optimise a campaign 90% of them will tell you they just get a feel for it. Very few affiliates actually have a set process or mathematical formula they use when optimising. Whether […]

  • Disproportionate Tablet Traffc On Google Adwords

    Have you checked your Adwords campaigns by device recently? If not you should definitely take a look because there is a huge amount of tablet traffic and no way to block it for desktop campaigns. You can set bid adjustments at -100% to block mobile traffic but Google have disabled this feature for tablets. This […]

  • Installing Prosper202 for Affiliate Marketing

    Things you’ll need to get setup with Prosper202 and affiliate marketing: > A webhost or VPS or Dedicated server (web host is cheapest, Dedi’s are most expensive, VPS is a good compromise) > A domain name, just use a .com in case you want to run international in the future. Godaddy are pretty good. > […]

  • Some info on popular traffic sources…

    I came across this summary from an old manual I wrote some time ago. Alot of it is still relevant today, I’ll get round to updating it at some point: Traffic Sources Summary SEO Little to no cost – Free Trafic Long term can take six months to rank Requires large volumes of content Massive […]

  • Is Facebook Going Live with Mobile Traffic?

    Is Facebook getting ready to go live with mobile traffic? There are options for mobile operating systems and devices in broad categories now. I still haven’t seen any ads other than sponsered stories on m.facebook.com yet… This screenshot is from the power editor in Chrome, highly recommended if you are uploading lots of similar ads.