Tool to generate a guest blog post request

This tool can be used to generate a guest blog post request for SEO purposes. This is a great way to not only build SEO juice but it also gets your name out there and helps interact with the community surrounding your niche.

Simply enter your name,site,niche and theirs and it will generate a unique guest post request letter. Email that over and you will hopefully get some responses. I haven’t tested these at high volume so if anyone has a better template which converts better and gets more responses please let me know.

You can find blogs by searching google for dorks such as:
{Niche} “guest post”
{Niche} “write for us”
{Niche} “guest blogger”

Some people like to then narrow down these lists to find the ones with the highest pagerank/trustflow etc. and target only the most authoritative sites. I prefer to look at sites that are active and look like they are going to be around for a while. Just because a blog is only PR3 today doesn’t mean that in a few years that blogger wont have gone on to become famous and your link will still be there. Look for active, up to date blogs with a decent amount of traffic and SEO juice and guest blogging is a great way to build your own sites organic search traffic.

For established affiliates this is also something that is prime for outsourcing and scaling up across a PBN.


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