James Bachini

June 2012

  • Apache Logs – Disk Space Ubuntu Plesk

    One of my servers started groaning early last week and it turned out I had log files accumulating to nearly 1TB. Log rotation was switched on but it still wasn’t ideal. I solved this by ssh’ing into a root shell and running the following command: du -a /var | sort -n -r | head -n…

  • Anyone planning on running $15,000,0000 to Clickbooth this Summer?

    I know there are other prizes further down the list but really… That works out at $166,666.66 USD a day in revenue. If Mark Zuckerberg is reading stick some 300×250’s on your site and you could keep the new shareholders happy and get yourself an island. For everyone else if you can get their offers…

  • Cupid PLC Kildermorie Lodge Scotland

    Thank you so much to all the team at Cupid PLC for organising an amazing trip to Kildermorie Lodge, near Inverness, Scotland. I’ve never been so surrounded by forward thinking people and whiskey. Here’s some photos from the trip: Fishing, shooting, Glenmorangie tour, great food and possibly the darkest game of charades ever played! Thanks…

  • Ideas for Banner Ad Split Tests

    Here are a few ideas for split testing your banner ads. You could quite easily use these to take a single ad and knock up a 100 variations. Test them optimise out the losers and see what works best. There is no single best banner advertisement, everything needs testing and optimising continuously.