James Bachini

February 2013

  • Some info on popular traffic sources…

    I came across this summary from an old manual I wrote some time ago. Alot of it is still relevant today, I’ll get round to updating it at some point: Traffic Sources Summary SEO Little to no cost – Free Trafic Long term can take six months to rank Requires large volumes of content Massive…

  • EWA Gone Under

    It’s not nice to see any company fail (especially when they owe so much to so many) but never in this industry have I seen it happen to a more deserving character. Goodbye Ryan Eagle and the joke/scam that was EWA.

  • Barcelona European Summit 2013

    Will be attending between the 1st and 4th March, staying in Sitges just outside of Barcelona where the show is. If you are going, see you there!! http://www.theeuropeansummit.com Spanish 101 Hello                    Hola Goodbye                 Adiós or Hasta luego Have a nice day             ¡Que pase un…

  • Pretty icons in vector format

    Download Font Awesome Vectors and spruce up your sites, ads and landers. Preview below: