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7 easy ways to make money with affiliate marketing

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  1. Build a blog and setup adsense banners
    This is where most affiliates start, all you need is a domain name and a wordpress installation with some hosting. Build your blog, do some guest posts, read about SEO and hope Google sends you some traffic. Monetisation is usually done with Google Adsense which means selling advertising space on your site. For every 1000 visitors you get to your site you should be making £5-10 and the traffic is free.
  2. Sign up to a CPA network and promote offers via Facebook fan pages
    Sign up to a CPA network such as Maxbounty and find some offers that you can build Facebook pages around. Build out the pages linking to the offer URL. Promote it via Facebook ads.
  3. Build an email list and send out marketing newsletters
    You can either buy or build your own emailing list as a starting point. Companies like awebber and icontacts make it easy to get started with mailing. Send out some engaging content to build your audiences interest and then start inserting links to either your website or your CPA offers.
  4. Promote %revshare offers via PPV by popping the affiliate link over the actual site.
    This is a little bit black hat but you can leverage PPV networks such as TrafficVance to pop affiliate offers over their own sites. So say xComany has an affiliate offer paying 5% rev share. Pop this offer over xcompany.com/allpages and profit from the targeted traffic. It’s blackhat and short term because you aren’t really adding any value here.
  5. Join a mobile CPA network and promote their offers via paid mobile traffic sources
    Mobile is huge, affiliates have been saying it for years. Get some offers from a company like appflood or yeahmobi, setup some traffic and optimise until you find those little golden pockets of profit.
  6. Build a retargeting audience using Facebook Ads and Adwords and promote a CPA offer to that audience.
    If you have a great website already with a specific demographic you can place retargeting pixels on that site to capture the audience. You can then advertise to this audience and “lookalike” audiences with offers that appeal to that demo.
  7. Promote clickbank’s wide range of digital products and build up some stable rebill revenue.
    Clickbank offers come and go but there is always a few doing high volume and making good money. Ideally find something which has strong monthly rebills and promote it in any way you see fit. Use a combination of traffic sources, retargeting, email to build on their brand and convince users to buy the product. The best clickbank products in my opinion are the things that people are desperate for or need right away.

Well there’s some ideas for easy wasy to make money in affiliate marketing. The possibilities are endless in this marketplace. Decide what you want to focus on and build some profitable affiliate marketing campaigns.

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