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Crypto Influencers | List Of The 45 Best Crypto Content Creators

Crypto Influencers

Here is the list of the crypto influencers that I follow who are creating the best content about the blockchain sector. I’ve divided it in to six categories:

  1. Crypto Trader Influencers
  2. Blockchain Developers
  3. Founders & Fund Managers
  4. Crypto YouTubers
  5. Bitcoin & Blockchain OGs
  6. Analytics & Platform Insights
  7. VIDEO 13 Best Crypto Youtube Channels

Crypto Trader Influencers


One of the OG crypto traders. Does huge volume and has a cool head when markets are getting out of line. Highly respected and influential for crypto day traders and swing traders.


Options and crypto trader. Background I believe in traditional finance. Interesting and often makes good calls.



The Wolf of All Streets is a crypto trader and investor. Previously a DJ with a cool family. Very down to earth and does good Youtube interviews.



Very influential in crypto trading and NFT circles


Good takes from Defiance Capitals chief capital allocator


Crypto day trader. Controversial at times. Says it how it is.


Posts altcoin charts with TA, market commentary and plenty of memes. One of the more helpful crypto influencers.


Slightly degen trader who is in the trenches and one of the first to raise the flag for new projects that show potential.


Posts altcoin trading setups and trash talk. Ex-Forex I believe now fully focused on crypto markets.

Blockchain Developers


Gregory creates educational content about blockchain development and web3. There aren’t many crypto influencers who can code and fewer still who can teach.



Julien Klepatch is a blockchain developer who creates education content on Youtube for EatTheBlocks.



If you can deploy a smart contract then Consensys probably tried to hire you at some point. A big team that works at the cutting edge of Ethereum development.

Founders & Fund Managers


Always polite and positive. A good role model for the industry who is founder and CEO of Binance


Joseph Todaro is a partner at Grey Matter Capital. Tweets about trading, state of the market and DeFi.


Raoul Pal is co-founder of real vision a premium content platform for macro investors.



When Sam posts a thread crypto twitter listens. He’s one of the lead traders for Alameda and his insights in to how they are thinking about the market are exceptional.


Sam Bankman-Fried is the main man in crypto right now. Originally founder at Alameda then FTX. Supports effective altruism. Legend.


Recently done a public call for #TheBWord with Elon and Jack and was clearly the smartest person in the room. Fund manager at Ark Invest.


Founder of Uniswap. God father of automated market makers and DeFi trading.


Zhu Su of Three Arrows Capital. One of the biggest players in the game and his insights are always considered and respected.


Macro investor who is incredibly intelligent. Her blog articles are a big commitment but well worth the caffeine it takes to get through them. Also does a lot of interviews and panels, bullish on Bitcoin.


Founder of Ethereum. His blog is a tough read but very educational. Writing history as he rewrites financial technology.


Not a crypto convert… yet. Writes about market and debt cycles. Also manages a small hedge fund.


His influence over markets is god like. Holder of BTC, ETH & DOGE. Founder of Tesla & SpaceX. Will probably end up on Mars.

Crypto YouTubers


The German half of the Technical Roundup YouTube show. Really good content and very watchable.



British half of Technical Roundup. Taught me a lot about technical analysis and zooming out.



Benjamin Cowen creates academic style technical analysis videos which are different to anything I’ve ever seen.



Taiki Maeda creates content about yield farming. Walks the degen line, transparent and interesting.



Guy from Coinbureau creates some of the most popular content on Youtube with over 1m subscribers



Another Brit, I may have a bias. Creates a lot of content and courses for technical analysis and investing.



Some of the best content on Youtube. Combines educational interesting content with over the top entertainment well.



Anthony Sassano is creator of the Daily Gwei where he talks daily on all things Ethereum and blockchain.



Justin Bram runs a small technical YouTube channel that I enjoy a lot. Talks about yield farming, layer 2’s and DeFi.


Bitcoin & Blockchain OGs


Focuses on long term low leverage bitcoin exposure while talking a lot about onchain metrics and analytics. Very chill.


Early Bitcoin investor, troller, British sense of humour. His show #UpOnly on Youtube is entertaining.



Jamie Burke is an investor in the NFT space. Talks about the combination of technologies including NFT’s and VR to form a metaverse. Less hair than profile photo suggests.


Met Dragos while working on the JSE project. Great guy and brilliant content. Runs ultra marathons when he’s not developing.


Options and crypto trader. Libertarian and early investor in Bitcoin. Now runs Shapeshift. Strongly principled.


Bitcoin investor and content creator. Been through the trenches. Lives about 10 miles away from me I believe and we’ve never met.


Analytics & Platform Insights


Information, stats and insights from the worlds largest crypto options platform.


The most highly regarded security auditor for blockchain projects. A good indicator of quality when commissioned.


Onchain analytics platform. Always seems to be a lagging indicator but interesting none the less.


Notifications of large onchain transfer including to and from exchanges. Not sure I’ve ever used any of it but nice to know when there’s big funds moving around.


I have a love hate relationship with the largest crypto publication. It’s biased, littered with paid articles and still probably the best we have.


Crypto research firm that puts out some of the best reports in the industry

13 Best Crypto YouTube Channels

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Hopefully this list of crypto influencers helps spread some love for the people creating content in the space.

I’m not sure where I would fit in this list but check out the YouTube channel and connect with me on Twitter for updates and new content.


Talks a lot of nonsense about blockchain development and crypto markets.


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