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Frontrunning Crypto Catalysts For Fun & Profit

crypto cataysts

There is opportunity in crypto markets if you can get ahead of the next narrative and allocate capital prior to mass of market participants.

Staying ahead of the curve often means keeping an eye on emerging trends and strategic moves that can significantly impact a project’s market perception and value. In this article I’m going to discuss key catalysts across various categories that can serve as prime opportunities.

Business Development

Fundraising Announcement
Announcements of successful fundraising rounds can inject a project with substantial credibility and resources. When a crypto project secures funding from notable investors or venture capitalists, it often signifies strong future potential and development capabilities. Investors should look for these announcements as indicators of upcoming growth and expansion.

Mainnet Launch
The transition from testnet to mainnet marks a critical milestone for any blockchain project. A mainnet launch demonstrates that a project is ready for real-world use, which can attract significant attention and new users. Monitoring these launches can provide early opportunities to participate in promising projects before they gain widespread adoption. Beware that launches don’t always go well and I think it was @Cobie that said “having a product is bearish”. Once the product is out there, if it doesn’t pick up traction then any asset relating to that product will be negatively impacted.

CEX Listing
Listing on a major centralized exchange (CEX) often leads to increased liquidity, wider audience reach, and a boost in token credibility. These events are typically accompanied by price surges and heightened market interest. Keeping track of potential or announced listings can provide strategic entry points for investors looking to capitalize on increased trading volumes. At one time it was a full time job predicting the next Binance listing as tokens would put out multiples overnight as soon as the listing was announced.


ETF Approval
The approval of exchange-traded funds (ETFs) related to cryptocurrencies has proven to be a game changer. Bitcoin has dragged the market up this year through the flow of institutional money into the ETF’s. It seems likely we will get a ETH ETF at some point which I’ve been covering in the newsletter and perhaps other digital assets will follow. ETFs offer mainstream investors safe, reliable access to crypto markets, driving significant capital influx. Regulatory approval of such financial products could result in positive market sentiment and substantial price increase on any asset that either get’s approved or looks like it might.

Conclusion of Legal Battles
Resolution of legal issues or regulatory clarity can remove significant overhangs on a crypto project’s valuation. Positive legal outcomes can restore investor confidence and pave the way for future development and market acceptance. Tracking ongoing legal matters and their outcomes is very niche and requires a specific skill set but can identify turning points in a project’s trajectory.

XRP Rallied Once Ripples Legal Battle Concluded

TVL Increase

When a project gains TVL (total value locked) it means that more funds are held within that protocols smart contracts. Essentially it is being used more and is playing a bigger part in the “future of finance”, governance tokens have been known to reflect changes in TVL.

Horizontal Scaling to New Chains
Expanding to new blockchain networks can enhance a project’s scalability and accessibility, potentially leading to increased TVL. Projects that successfully integrate with multiple chains can attract a broader user base and diversify their application scope, making them more resilient and attractive to a wider audience.

Upgrades or V2 Release
Launching significant upgrades or version 2 contracts can signal technological advancements and improved functionalities. These updates often come with enhanced features, better user experience and often incentives to boost TVL all of which can drive higher adoption rates and growth.

Ecosystem Incentives
Introducing ecosystem incentives such as rewards programs, liquidity mining, and staking can stimulate user engagement and capital inflow. These incentives are designed to attract capital at a cost to the protocol. If that cost is paid in governance tokens then there can be a negative impact from selling of the governance token by the users that gain the incentives. Well planned out and marketed incentives drive more demand that selling pressure to have a positive impact on a protocol and it’s assets.


Token Burn Events
Token burns, where a portion of tokens is permanently removed from circulation, can lead to reduced supply and potentially higher prices. These events often generate positive market sentiment and can be a strategic move to increase the token’s value over time. Binance does this very well with it’s BNB token, buying back tokens with profits from the exchange and then burning them.

Binance burns BNB every quarter

Decentralization and DAO Governance
Transitioning to decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) governance can empower community members and enhance project transparency. This shift can attract investors who value decentralization and democratic decision-making, fostering a loyal and engaged community. DAO’s can also be dysfunctional and a liability however so this is a judgement call as to if it will positively impact a project and it’s token price. Decentralization isn’t a binary thing and all protocols should progress over time towards a more antifragile operation.

Staking Rewards
Implementing or enhancing staking rewards programs can incentivize token holders to lock their assets in the network, reducing circulating supply and potentially increasing token value. Staking rewards also promote network security and stability, making the project more attractive to long term investors.


KOL Trading or Shilling
When key opinion leaders or influencers start promoting a crypto project, it can significantly boost visibility and credibility. These endorsements often lead to increased interest and investment from their followers, creating upward momentum in the token’s value. Elon Musk tweeting about DOGE is the extreme example of this, at the time I was running trading bots to buy DOGE as soon as he tweeted for profit. This can still be done today with influencers and traders who have a wide reach and are respected in the industry.

Airdrop Announcement
Airdrops, where free tokens are distributed to the community, can generate buzz and attract new users. These events often coincide with strategic partnerships or marketing campaigns, enhancing the project’s reach and user engagement. Airdrops can also find their way onto exchange where they can negatively impact token prices. It’s a difficult balance of giving away free money to users without negatively affecting the markets.

Partnerships and Integrations
Strategic partnerships and integrations with established platforms or enterprises can provide a project with additional resources, technical expertise, and market access. These collaborations can enhance the project’s functionality and adoption, driving long term growth. Often partnerships are created for cross-promotional goals rather than having any real technical synergies.

Hackathons and Ecosystem Funds
Hosting hackathons and establishing ecosystem funds can attract developer talent and foster innovation. These initiatives encourage the creation of new applications and services within the project’s ecosystem, contributing to its overall vitality and growth. Attract the devs to build something useful to attract the users. This strategy has varying degrees of success and alternate layer one blockchains and products that can be used as building blocks in DeFi are most suited. Solana has done an excellent job fostering developers with it’s hacker houses and events.

Solana hacker house

Community Growth Initiatives
Launching programs aimed at growing and engaging the community can build a strong, supportive user base. Community driven projects often benefit from higher loyalty and sustained interest, which can be crucial for long term success. A competition in the Discord probably isn’t going to set the token price on fire but it can bring devs, users and investors together to share ideas and feedback.

Trading Catalysts

Ultimately, the success of any crypto project hinges on its ability to gain traction and demonstrate real world utility. Projects that continuously innovate, engage their communities and create value are more likely to achieve product market fit and sustain growth.

By monitoring a projects social channels you can get wind of these catalysts prior to the mainstream market. Understanding their potential impact on token price is critical from a trading perspective.

A Binance listing is obviously far more valuable than a partnership with an oracle provider and will have a far greater impact on the fundamental value of the project as a whole which will be reflected in it’s token price or will about to be…

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