James Bachini

Neverblue Out of Bounds Thailand 2013

Thank you Neverblue for a great trip to Phuket Thailand, was good to see everyone in the Neverblue team and meet some new faces. Just when you think the out of bounds trips can’t get any better…

The Westin Siray Hotel where we stayed

Everything required for an OOB trip was supplied

Boat trip to Ko Phi Phi

Sunset over Siray bay

Particular thanks to Amanda who couldn’t be there, get well soon. Katrena who stepped in to babysit 20 affiliates + Scotty, Leanne & Bjorn for scouting it out (tough job but someone had to do it), Kenny for being the responsible one and Nadia for being a great “buddy”. Hope everyone who went enjoyed it as much as I did!

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James Bachini

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