James Bachini

Prosper202 Mod – Set preferences before crashing server

Had a bit of an issue with Prosper crashing once the database got too big. I would log out and leave the analysis preferences set to my biggest traffic source and when I logged back in the server would crash as it tries to pull a report before you can modify the search critieria.

I knocked up a quick mod so you can set preferences before attempting to run a report. Copy the following code into a text file and name it prefs.php

<? include_once($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’] . ‘/202-config/connect.php’);
template_top(‘Set Preferences’,NULL,NULL,NULL); ?>
<div id=”info”><h2>SET PREFS</h2></div>
<? display_calendar(‘/tracking202/ajax/sort_keywords.php’, true, true, true, true, true, true); ?>
<?  template_bottom();

You can then just link to it in 202-config/template.php

This allows you to adjust the settings without running off a report and setting them to sensible parameters before crashing the server.

server cpu and memory usage

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