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Rotating Offer Pages and Landing Pages in Prosper202

It is really easy to setup rotation of urls in Prosper but if you actually want to track which url is doing better or you want to test different landing pages it can be a little more challenging.

One way to do this is to set each url or landing page up separately and then use a php rotation script to divide the traffic.

Direct Linking to an Affiliate Offer

Setup each link from the affiliate company as a separate campaign. So name it something along the lines of “offername landingpage1” then setup another campaign as “offername landingpage2”

Testing your own Landing Pages

While I would always advise multi-variate testing you can do basic A-B testing using the same method. Setup two landing pages, use the simple one if you are only linking to one offer or the advanced if you are doing anything else. Then go into “Get Landing Page Code” and get the two LP codes which should look something like this.

<script language=”JavaScript” type=”text/javascript”> cbr202=Math.random()*10000000000000000;document.write(‘<scr’+’ipt language=”JavaScript” src=”http://www.jamesbachini.com/tracking202/static/landing.php?lpip=8136&202cb=’+cbr202+’” type=”text/javascript”></scr’ + ‘ipt>’); </script>

If you are using static html for your landing page just paste it into each one you want to test, if you are using php you can setup a rotator to change certain bits i.e.

if $_GET[‘lp’] == 1 {
$h1 = ‘My first title I want to test’;
$lpcode = ‘<script language=….’;
} else {
$h1 = ‘Second title’;
$lpcode = ‘<script language=….’;
<html><body><?php echo $lpcode; ?><h1><?php echo $h1; ?></h1></body></html>

So you have two landing pages in one php file.

Either way once you’ve got your landing page or direct links setup go into “setup > get links” and pull out your tracking links for each individual landing page or offer page.

Paste them into the following file.

if ($_GET[‘kw’]) {
$kw = strip_tags($_GET[‘kw’]);
} else { $kw = ‘jimrocks’; }
$landingpages = array(
// paste as many tracking links as you like below
// copy and paste the whole line and put the link between the ‘ and the ‘
$searchlink = $landingpages[array_rand($landingpages)];
header(“HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently”);
header(“Location: $searchlink”);

Save the file as something like rotate.php and send all your traffic to http://myserver.com/rotate.php?kw=whatever

The traffic will go to the rotator and be split between the various campaigns or landing pages and you’ll get stats separated for each. It will also pass whatever keyword you want to use so that will be tracked as normal with the t202kw variable in prosper.

It’s quite a complicated way of going about things but it is very flexible in that once you have the traffic setup you can redirect it where you like.

  • Want to test direct linking over a new landing page you designed? not a problem just add the links into the file.
  • Want to load a retargeting pixel before you send the user off? not a problem just set it up as a meta refresh instead of a 301 redirect and pop as many pixels as you like.
  • Want to double meta refresh and then send the traffic direct to the merchant because prosper keeps crashing when the DB hits 4GB 🙂 not a problem.

If you really wanted to take this to the next level you could setup a mysql database to store the links and a little front end to go in and edit them. For now long live ftp…

Hope this helps and makes some sense.

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