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Stack That Money Meetup STM London 2015

stack that money london

Stack that money has been a great meetup. I was surprised at the turnout which topped over 700 members. The talks were good, particularly some of the ones on the second day. Highlights included:

Tim Tetra’s tricky little presentation where he sold a magic bullet to a crowd that should know better.

Lars Kroijer one of the few city bankers who I’ve heard and not wanted to run away from. Spoke about investing in global index trackers which is a wise move for anyone outside of the financial industry in my opinion.

CMdeal’s talk on the “monkey business illusion” and building a saleable asset. Google monkey business illusion if you haven’t seen it before. Well worth a watch, caught me out twice!

Hugh (Caurmen) gave a Ferrari paced talk on automation and AI. The guy knows his tech and is one of the few people I’ve ever heard talk about Selenium. Some good info on different sites, scripts and services to use for outsourcing to computers.

stack that money londonHere’s Christian doing a talk on data analysis and spy tools.

There was a good mix of people from the same old faces of experienced affiliates to a huge number of newbies just getting started out. In fact by the end of the show I was dreading the next person to tell me they were just getting started out Mobile. There was even one guy going around with a questionnaire. The meetup atmosphere is very different to conferences as it’s almost all affiliates. I’d say 75%+ of the people that went were either running or trying to run mobile/dating CPA offers.

Parties were good and thanks to Adsimilis and AppFlood for the free bars! It was nice to see everyone on my side of the world for a change. I hope everyone enjoyed London.

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