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  • How To Monetise Your Website | 8 Ways To Make Money Online 💰

    How To Monetise Your Website | 8 Ways To Make Money Online 💰

    This article is part of a free online course where you can learn digital marketing. The following 8 methods are the most effective ways to monetise your website. Banner Ads Affiliate Marketing Accept Donations Consulting Merchandise Sponsored Content / Links / Shoutouts Creating Digital Products Selling The Site The Passive Income Spectrum 8 Ways To […]

  • Big Brands Screwed By Facebook Because Of ViralNova

    We were sold on spending huge budgets to gain Facebook page likes with the promise of being able to publish content to those fans for free. Facebook has now done a U-turn and is saying that in future only 1-2% of your Facebook fans will see organic content and that you will need to pay […]

  • HC Traffic – Campaign Setup Guide

    Most affiliates will know that pop under traffic provides a great way to scale campaigns to really high levels. A site which has 300×250 banners will usually charge $0.50~ cpm, the equivalent pop under ads will cost $5+. The reason sites can earn so much more with pop unders is because the user interacts much […]

  • Romania Advertising Agency – Oops Media

  • Spying on Mobile Ads from Firefox

    If you want to know what ads are running on a mobile site anywhere in the world you can do this with Firefox without going anywhere near a mobile device. Simply download the following add-ons: User Agent Switcher Modify Headers Simply select the device you want to “look through” in User agent switcher and then […]