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HC Traffic – Campaign Setup Guide

Most affiliates will know that pop under traffic provides a great way to scale campaigns to really high levels. A site which has 300×250 banners will usually charge $0.50~ cpm, the equivalent pop under ads will cost $5+. The reason sites can earn so much more with pop unders is because the user interacts much more with them and as an advertiser you can instantly show your targeted user a full webpage/site/lander without the need to convince them to click on a banner ad first.

One of the best traffic sources for pop under advertising is www.hctraffic.com and I am going to guide you through setting up a campaign. Please note that the minimum depostit for an advertiser account is $1000 USD so this is only really suitable for affiliates who are already running fairly high volume campaigns.


Here is a screenshot of a typical campaign setup:
hc traffic advertising campaignThe first few options are fairly standard, campaign name and group name really doesn’t matter. The url I’ve used is just a standard aff link but you can use dynamic tags to send variables through to prosper202 or whatever tracking system you are using. These are the variables that are available:

So an example link might look like http://www.mydomain.com/landingpage.php?t202kw=hctraffic-bizop&c1={campaignid}&c2={zoneid}&c3={city}&c4={clickid}

The next thing I’ve done is tick that the landing page has sound on it so it’ll get past approvals.

Country select is fairly straight forward. At this stage I haven’t added or blocked any publisher id’s or zone id’s as I’ll be optimising these later.

Because this campaign is web based I’ve deselected all mobile traffic.

The Get Estimates button can be used to see how much potential volume there is for any given region. It’ll also give you the top bid for that region and you can base your bidding on this depending on how much volume you need.

For this campaign I’ve set a daily budget of $100 to start with, this can always be changed later. The frequency cap is how oftern a single user will see the ad. To keep ROI as high as possible I have set this to 1 pop every 30 days, again this can be changed at a later date if required.

Submit campaign and you’re ready to start running traffic.

Optimisation and Tracking

For this campaign I want to setup conversion tracking and retargeting so go into the conversion tab, insert the value of the payout and click get tags.

hc traffic conversion trackingThis will give you a simple image pixel to upload to your affiliate network or place on the confirmation page of the website.

There is also an advanced option which will track your click throughs, this works great for things like dating campaigns etc where you have your own lander before sending them onto the sign up page.

For this campaign I have setup a retargeting pixel on the sign up page so I can retarget users who have shown some interest in the offer but might not have wanted to fill in their details at this stage.

A second campaign will eventually be setup to target the audience that has seen that retargeting pixel. This is one way to boost ROI with minimal additional cost.

Once the campaign has been approved and you have some test traffic to analyse it’s time to start blocking sites, zones and countries that aren’t converting. Select the campaign from the dashboard and go through each stage to block any areas which aren’t profitable:

Optimise pop under trafficFrom these stats you can see that there are few conversions but it’s not enough data to really optimise with. I would suggest you let each zone / device / country you are targeting spend 1 – 1.5x the payout of the offer. So if a lead gen cpa offer pays out $10 spend $10-15 on each factor and if there aren’t any conversions pause it. Use your instincts too, if there are no iPad conversions then other tablets probably convert so well either.

Optimising your campaigns like this and regularly testing new offers, landing pages etc will enable you to achieve the highest ROI and when you have a campagin that is competitive on a traffic source like HC traffic you can have some really big five figure days.

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