James Bachini

book of the month

  • Fastlane Millionaire – BoM May

    The Fastlane Millionaire is a self-help style book aimed at aspiring entrepreneurs. It does contain a lot of egotistical bull sh*t that you normally find in these style of books but there is also some gems of information. It is a bit like the 4 hour work week where if you can cut through the […]

  • The intelligent investor – April’s Book of the Month

    The intelligent investor is to fund managers what cashvertising is to marketers. First published in the mid twentieth century it now comes with an updated commentary which is as good as the book itself. Graham inspired a host of famous investors including Warren Buffett and this book mirrors my own opinions about going against the […]

  • The 4 hour work week – March’s Book of the Month

    The 4 hour work week – Timothy Ferris This was a tough one to include or not. I really can’t stand the guy or his writing style but a lot of what he says is good advice. I’ve read this and the 4 hour body and am taking a break before reading the 4 hour […]

  • Cashvertising Summary | My Notes On Ca$hvertising

    Cashvertising Summary | My Notes On Ca$hvertising

    Cashvertising is a classic and would be my first choice for anybody new to digital marketing that wanted to learn about copywriting. I’ve published my personal notes here so people can get a summary of the book or use it as a reference if they have read it previously. It was first published a hundred […]