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delivering happiness tony hsieh

Book Review: Delivering Happiness – Tony Hsieh

To get through this you are going to need to read a hundred or so pages of why Zappos is such an amazing company how how they are changing the world. That said Tony does make some interesting points throughout the book. His story of how he got started in the tech industry first with Linkshare and then with Zappos is quite an interesting read. Profits > Passion > Purpose...

Cashvertising – January’s Book of the Month

Cashvertising – January’s Book of the Month

Cashvertising is a classic and would be my first choice for anybody new to affiliate marketing. It was first published a hundred years ago or so by an old school print advertiser. It gives a great overview of the psychology behind marketing and copy writing. The book has become famous in internet marketing circles because to date noone has produced a better foundation for general marketing practice. It is a...