James Bachini

Book Review: Will it fly – Pat Flynn

This book is about testing an idea before you go all out and build a business around it. Pat goes through some interesting thought experiments based on what you want personally and how your business idea will fit in to that. There is some good information about market research in there. I particularly like the P.L.A.N.E. section i which stands for:

  • Problems – look for problems your clients may have
  • Language – analyse the language your clients use for keywords and topics
  • Anecedotes – look for stories that can be used as part of your sales pitches
  • Needs – Consolidate it all down in to customer needs.
  • Elixir – Brainstorm your solution to your potential clients needs.

He also pointed out something I really should have known but didn’t which is quite embarrassing, if you want to find a forum for a particular topic you just type in to google forum: topic same as you would if just searching for site: topic. Works for blogs too blog: topic. There were some other interesting dorks like how to find good problems your target audience may be facing:

site: myindustryforum.com “how do”

The above searches the site for question like how do I xyz? Pretty simple but something I hadn’t thought of before when doing market research. Anyway it’s a good read, and especially worthwhile if you are at the stage when you are considering launching your next big project.


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