James Bachini


  • Lessons learned from writing a bespoke tracking platform

    For a recent project I wanted to develop a tracking platform which was specifically designed to suit my needs. It needed to be simple to use, capable of handling seven figure audiences daily and built on technology I understand so it can be customised on the go. I decided to build it arround php / […]

  • Facebook Share button more effective than Likes?

    A recent post at SEOMoz suggested that their research has found a better correlation between facebook shares than Facebook likes. The full post is here and makes for an interesting read. One of the things that really caught my attention was in the comments and I quote: “After chatting with our Google rep it seems […]

  • Custom WordPress 404 Page For SEO

    I have recently been purchasing used domain names from Godaddy Auctions and Dropcatch. When I get the domains the first thing we do is look at what traffic they were pulling for what topics via google cached web search. If there is some good content on there and things we want to keep we will […]

  • Setting up custom facebook and twitter buttons using php

    The canonical tag has been a god send for us helping to get pages indexed and clean up site structures. In many sites we use the same php variable for our share buttons. This is a great way to setup custom twitter and facebook share buttons for your pages. We always use an external template […]