James Bachini


  • Protodanksharding & Danksharding Explained

    Protodanksharding & Danksharding Explained

    Protodanksharding and Danksharding are two approaches to scaling the amount of data on-chain for a future version of Ethereum. The goal of both upgrades is to ensure that the data on-chain is made available to archiving parties when it was first posted. This is accomplished through a technique called Data Availability Sampling (DAS). When &…

  • Trading The Merge

    Trading The Merge

    Once or twice a year the crypto markets align to provide exceptional trading volumes and volatility. I believe the Ethereum merge will presents one such opportunity for low time frame system trading. James On YouTube Watch On YouTube: https://youtu.be/3ltpF4UGir4 |Subscribe About The Ethereum Merge The merge is happening in just a few days. This is…