James Bachini


  • Online Banner Design Tool

    Need to design/modify banners but don’t have Photoshop installed? Try this online image editor: http://pixlr.com/editor/ A great little tool for the affiliate that only does image editing once in a blue moon, you lucky souls. Pixlr – The online alternative to photoshop

  • Resizing images and adjusting landing pages based on screen resolution

    So many browsers so many different screen resolutions. Here’s a way to modify html code based on the screen resolution of the browser. In this example I have changed an image but there is no reason why you cant change text, font size or even use it to redirect users who have mobile sized screens.…

  • Setting up custom facebook and twitter buttons using php

    The canonical tag has been a god send for us helping to get pages indexed and clean up site structures. In many sites we use the same php variable for our share buttons. This is a great way to setup custom twitter and facebook share buttons for your pages. We always use an external template…