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Microsoft to buy Linkedin

News this morning is that Microsoft is going to buy Linkedin for $26 Billion USD. Now I’m not saying we are in a new .com tech bubble but… Linkedin has 433 million users. That would give a cost per user of $60usd. Now my first thought is that if Microsoft spent that money on advertising a $60 cpa is about $58 more than it would cost to get users to...

Facebook taking on Google Adwords 0

Facebook taking on Google Adwords

UPDATE: 29th September 2014 – More details coming in about this. Facebook is expected to make an announcement tonight about the new ad platform. Early reports suggest it is a reworked version of Atlas which they acquired from Microsoft. The key principle is laser targeting across multiple devices. So you can target the same user on their phone, tablet and laptop. Some more details here: http://atlassolutions.com/2014/09/29/meet-the-new-atlas/ Original Post: http://www.reuters.com/article/2014/09/23/facebook-advertising-idUSL3N0RO01Y20140923 This...