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  • 3 Best Types Of Twitter Ads

    3 Best Types Of Twitter Ads

    In this article I share three types of twitter ads that have been most effective and provide the best return on ad spend. Twitter Ads [Video] This video demonstrates the setting up of a follower lookalike Twitter ads campaign along with how to create the ads and optimise performance. James On YouTube Follower Lookalike Follower […]

  • Digital Marketing Overview | Beginners Guide

    Digital Marketing Overview | Beginners Guide

    In this beginners guide I provide a digital marketing overview of how to setup and run online marketing campaigns. Check out the video and there’s more detailed information below and in the digital marketing tutorials section. [Video] Digital Marketing For Beginners How Online Marketing Works Performance Marketing Process Analytics & Tracking Website, Landing Page Design […]

  • The balance of an online marketers skillset

    Effective online marketing requires a balance of skills. A good campaign requires creativity, great design, effective programming and meticulous optimisation. Leonardo Da Vinci would have made a great affiliate. If he was around in today he’d find this easy because he had a great balance of artistic creativity and scientific inquisition. Good design is intertwined […]

  • Affiliate Marketing 101 | A Timeline for Success

    Affiliate Marketing 101 | A Timeline for Success

    Time Frame: 3 Years Day 1 – The Study Period Read, read, read. You’ve probably heard from a friend, colleague or just through the grapevine that people are making alot of money promoting affiliate products online and want a piece of the action. It’s time to start soaking up knowledge to give yourself an idea […]