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Pop Under Code 2020

Updated January 2020 This code is used for running pop under traffic on your own site. It adds an onclick function to every link on the page which opens a new tab with the clicked link and changes the existing window (underneath) to a popped ad url. Make sure you change the var puURL from http://Google.com to whatever you want to pop. The number 3600 in the code is number...

HC Traffic – Campaign Setup Guide 0

HC Traffic – Campaign Setup Guide

Most affiliates will know that pop under traffic provides a great way to scale campaigns to really high levels. A site which has 300×250 banners will usually charge $0.50~ cpm, the equivalent pop under ads will cost $5+. The reason sites can earn so much more with pop unders is because the user interacts much more with them and as an advertiser you can instantly show your targeted user a...