James Bachini


  • Pics From Affiliate Summit West 2015

    Pics From Affiliate Summit West 2015

    Some snapshots from ASW15 Meet market, people doing the rounds. The Charles Ngo Seminar Benjamin Yong doing his thing While I’m all for using public transport I’m pretty sure this isn’t how Ryan Eagle does it. Arriving into the strip on the Deuce with a blazer attached to a backpack. You walk a lot in…

  • Affiliate Summit West 2015

    Affiliate Summit West 2015

    I missed it last year so am really looking forward to getting back to Vegas for some blackjack, craps and roulette. No meetings before midday this time, live and learn! I first went to affiliate summit in 2012 and in my opinion it’s the best show of the year. The  location, the parties, the sheer…

  • Barcelona European Summit 2013

    Will be attending between the 1st and 4th March, staying in Sitges just outside of Barcelona where the show is. If you are going, see you there!! http://www.theeuropeansummit.com Spanish 101 Hello                    Hola Goodbye                 Adiós or Hasta luego Have a nice day             ¡Que pase un…