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Pics From Affiliate Summit West 2015

MeetMarket @ ASW15

Some snapshots from ASW15

MeetMarket @ ASW15Meet market, people doing the rounds.

Charles Ngo SeminarThe Charles Ngo Seminar

Benjamin KokoFaiBenjamin Yong doing his thing

deuce selfieWhile I’m all for using public transport I’m pretty sure this isn’t how Ryan Eagle does it. Arriving into the strip on the Deuce with a blazer attached to a backpack.

lot of walking at affiliate summitsYou walk a lot in Vegas without realizing it.

Healthy Breakfast SkilletWhich is just as well because this was like a fried breakfast covered in cheese. Do you know what they call that in the states? A healthy breakfast skillet, I’m not even joking, check it out: http://m.dennys.com/en/menus/menu/breakfast

7The ques for badges took about an hour #ASWfail was trending.

Beer Pong OsheasFuBball and beer pong in O’Sheas, great little casino, great times.

2Some awards and a keynote speaker

Affiliate Summit West 2015A blurry photo of the main exhibition hall, must have had shaky hands. Two week detox in Nicaragua starts tomorrow!

Affiliate Summit West 2015 was pretty epic, obviously the big thing was app installs and mobile. A few more health supply stands than I was expecting, perhaps rebills are coming back or never went away. Lots of SaaS companies targeted at affiliates or media companies, the industry is maturing and evolving fast. There was 5,500 affiliates, agencies, merchants etc. at ASW2015, best show of the year in my opinion.

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