James Bachini

July 2012

  • Neverblue Out of Bounds Whistler 2012

    Some photos from the Whistler trip with Neverblue. Top of Whistler Mountain Neverblue Party Crew Ice bar View from ATV ride Victoria home of the Neverblue offices It was a great opportunity to spend time with the Neverblue team, other affiliates and spammers alike. Alot of fun, left handed drinking, good food and all the…

  • Simple HTML Cheat Sheet

    Simple HTML Cheat Sheet

    Rich’s Simple HTML Cheat Sheet   <h1>This is a heading</h1>      <b>This is bold</b>       <i>This is itallic</i> <br />     = New line       &nbsp;   = Extra Space <a href=”contacts.htm”>Contact Form</a>    = Link <img src=”images/picture.jpg” />       = image <font size=”3″>hello world</font>     = changes font size Lists <ul> <li>List item1</li> <li>List item2</li> </ul> Tables <table> <tr> <td>top left</td> <td>top…

  • Prosper202 Mod – Set preferences before crashing server

    Had a bit of an issue with Prosper crashing once the database got too big. I would log out and leave the analysis preferences set to my biggest traffic source and when I logged back in the server would crash as it tries to pull a report before you can modify the search critieria. I…

  • Romania Advertising Agency – Oops Media

  • Reasons to Love Neverblue in 2012/2013

    Looks like Neverblue are taking their affiliates to Phuket Thailand in March 2013! Wow!

  • What was that Country Code?

    Have problems remembering all the different country codes for geolocation scripts etc? Switzerland gets me everytime! Here’s a handy list you can use to check before you code. I use Maxmind but this will be accurate for any software that uses the ISO 3166 standard. AD = Andorra AE = United Arab Emirates AF =…