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Daily Calcs Profit And Loss Spreadsheet Download For Affiliate Marketers

daily calcs screenshot

Here is the spreadsheet I use to monitor my profit and loss accounts on a daily basis. It’s provided here as a downloadable spreadsheet but I would recommend setting it up how you want and then uploading to Google Docs so it can be worked on from anywhere by anyone.

This document works by inputting your daily revenues and your traffic source costs in the various currencies and it will work out total revenue, spend, ROI and profit daily, monthly and quarterly.


The first columns are for your clients i.e. CPA Networks. And I have three currencies that I work in GBP, USD and EUR. The second set of columns is for traffic sources.

daily calcs screenshotThe columns to the right will work out your profits and ROI and then give running totals for the month. Keeping daily records is something I’ve done since I started out in affiliate marketing and this spreadsheet has evolved over the years with my business.

It will need changing and adapting to suit your own needs but it’s worth downloading and taking a look even if it’s just for the formulas to see if they can be incorporated into your own profit and loss accounts.

The most important one is:

The key bit to this is the final countif argument which only counts a value if it is above or below 0. This means you can work out your average profits for the month from day 2 rather than waiting till the end of the month. This can be used for average profits and average ROI which is often just as important.

If you work with a team or an accountant then I can’t recommend https://docs.google.com enough. If you haven’t used it before it’s a free online multiuser document editor. So you can work simultaneously with others to edit the document. When you select a cell it locks this cell so others can’t edit it at the same time. You even have a little chat tool you can use on there and all sorts. It is great if you are in a remote place or don’t have a lot of time as someone else can gather all the data and you can just log in and get a summary and check it when you get a chance.

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