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Rainbow Wallet vs Metamask

rainbow wallet vs metamask

When it comes to cryptocurrency wallets, two names often emerge as key players for users looking to navigate the blockchain sector with ease and security: Rainbow Wallet vs MetaMask.

In this article, we dive into a comprehensive comparison between Rainbow Wallet and MetaMask, dissecting each platform’s core features, security architecture, user experience and community support. The aim is to provide as much useful information as possible to help you make an informed choice on which wallet could serve your digital asset endeavors best. Whether you’re a DeFi devotee, an NFT artist, or a blockchain developer, understanding the nuances of these wallets is key to navigating decentralized finance with confidence.

Rainbow Wallet

Rainbow Wallet, with its aesthetically pleasing design targets users who prioritize a seamless and intuitive user experience. Its commitment to marrying functionality with visual appeal has garnered a loyal following among crypto natives.

Rainbow Wallet

Key highlights of Rainbow Wallet include:

  • Support – there’s actually an email address listed on their website. No idea how responsive or useful they can be but it’s nice to see.
  • Auto-discovery of tokens and assets, streamlining the portfolio management process.
  • Out-of-the-box support for Layer 2 & alt L1 blockchains (including Arbitrum, Optimism, Base, and Polygon and BNB Smart Chain), with no need for additional configuration.
  • User-friendly management of multiple seed phrases, wallets, and addresses.
  • Pro-level features like keyboard shortcuts:-
    • Shift + Alt + R = Open Wallet
      (also opens geforce on alienware laptops)
    • Ctrl + K = Magic Menu
  • Impersonation mode for secure interactions with dApps without risking assets.
  • Multi-chain dApp interactions are made more intuitive with fewer prompts and intelligent defaults.

Rainbow also bolsters DeFi interactions with:

  • In-app Send, Bridge, and Swap functions.
  • Enhanced gas estimation to minimize unnecessary costs.
  • A contextual interface that keeps advanced features accessible but non-intrusive.
  • Protection against front-running and gas wastage using Flashbots protect.
  • Compatibility with other wallets, ensuring a seamless integration into the user’s existing crypto ecosystem.

Rainbow Wallet is open-source and the code is available here: https://github.com/rainbow-me/browser-extension


Metamask is the most widely used digital wallet with a market share estimated at 80%+ *source.

There are two version, a mobile app and a browser plugin. I use the browser plugin on a day to day basis and have found it reliable, secure and full featured.

Metamask wallet

Some of the features that Metamask boasts are:

  • Built-In Token Swap MetaMask aggregates multiple decentralized exchanges to find the best prices and lets users swap tokens directly within the wallet. Note there is a 0.7% fee for this service, most users would be better off using an aggregator like 1inch.
  • Decentralized Web Access Users can browse dApps directly through the MetaMask mobile app with it’s inbuilt browser
  • Full support for custom tokens, blockchains and rpc nodes.
  • Ethereum Name Service (ENS) Support MetaMask supports ENS, which lets users send tokens to easy-to-remember addresses instead of long hexadecimal wallet addresses.
  • Community Support MetaMask has a vast user community, providing comprehensive support, resources, and a knowledge base for troubleshooting.
  • Phishing detection – Metamask apparently has in-built phishing detection although I’ve never seen it in action and wouldn’t rely on it.

One particularly unique feature to Metamask is Snaps which provides 3rd party developers the ability to create extensions to the wallet. There is a library here which contains various snaps although they haven’t been widely adopted by the community to date.

Metamask Snaps

Metamask is also open-source and the code is available here: https://github.com/MetaMask/metamask-extension

Which Crypto Wallet Should I Use?

Metamask is a centralization risk to the Ethereum network. Having all the users interacting with a p2p network using the same frontend and Infura RPC nodes isn’t an ideal end goal.

There have also been privacy concerns raised because Metamask is owned by Consensys Inc who assumably need to conform with US regulators data sharing requirements.

Rainbow Wallet is a very viable alternative that does all the important things that Metamask does as well as having some interesting, unique features itself. I like the keyboard shortcuts a lot and the browser extension is easy to use and intuitively laid out.

The bottom line is either will do the job. If you want to use the same wallet as everyone else then Metamask is the most widely used. If you want to use an alternative and contribute to a more diversified wallet ecosystem the Rainbow Wallet is a great option.

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