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How I Built A Smart Money List On Twitter

Smart Money Twitter List

X formerly known as Twitter includes two features which allows us to create a list of accounts from people that frontrun narratives and successful trades.

  • Advanced Search – I couldn’t find a link to this anywhere on the site but it’s available at this URL: https://twitter.com/search-advanced
  • Lists – Enable us to curate content by a specific list of users. This allows us to separate different interests and groups of accounts into a container for that niche.

tl;dr if you just want to see the final list it is here: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1712044491618545903

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Step 1. Collecting Project Data

My main focus is on crypto markets, so I used a custom screener (there’s an alternative here) to curate a list of token ticker symbols that had done well over the past month. For each token I then pulled up a 90 day chart and recorded a rough date at which point the pump started.

Smart Money List
TokenPump Date

Step 2. Searching For Alpha

We are then going to setup an advanced search for each project and record a list of users that was talking about it in the week before the pump. I’ve also added in some quality filters to prevent spammy accounts flaring up such as minimum likes.

This creates a custom search string which we can then edit manually if we want to speed things up.

($SOL) min_faves:1 until:2023-09-12 since:2023-09-05

We can then go through the list of posts and collect a list of users who spoke about that asset the week before it took off 🚀

Note that the more effort that you put into curating the content here and finding the accounts that are actually providing alpha the more effective the final list will be. For example if someone says “I am short selling x” they obviously deserve to be on a different list.

Once we have a list of accounts for each asset we can combine them to see who provided the most alpha in the crypto twitter community over the last month.

I wrote a little NodeJS script to do this but you could check it manually.

const accounts = [

accounts.forEach((acc) => {
    let count = 1;
    accounts.forEach((acc2) => {
        if (acc == acc2) count += 1;
    console.log(`${acc} ${count}`);

There was only one account which spoke about more than one of the digital assets the week before the pump which was surprising and slightly disappointing. It would be a good idea to curate this list over a longer period to work with more data. If it’s useful I may update it in the future.

There wasn’t anyone doing fundamental analysis on these projects before the pump, the only alpha came from technical analysis from traders. It’s unclear whether the same traders were day trading, swing trading or even profited from their early conviction.

Either way it’s time to add these to a list.

Step 3. Add To Twitter List

I then created a list on Twitter and then selected “Manage members”, then select the “Suggested” tab and search for each user you wish to add.

Creating a twitter list

The final list I created is here: https://twitter.com/i/lists/1712044491618545903

Note that I haven’t done much due diligence on the participants and you should do your own research or curate your own list of valuable accounts.

To take this further I think it would be interesting to look at higher time frames perhaps on a yearly basis to see who talked about ICO’s in 2016, NFT’s in 2017, DeFi in 2018, Alt L1’s in 2019, Stablecoins & Yield farming in 2020, Liquid staking in 2021, The SEC in 2022…

This isn’t just restricted to crypto markets, you could also curate a list of early adopter content creators that spoke about ChatGPT before it blew up for example.

I hope this quick demo has provided some inspiration to create your own lists and use them to gain insights in to emerging technologies and trends.

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