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  • Twitter Crypto Ads  | Blockchain Advertising Is Live On Twitter

    Twitter Crypto Ads | Blockchain Advertising Is Live On Twitter

    Twitter crypto ads are live after the platform unofficially relaxed its ban on advertising crypto products. Perhaps due to the Elon bid there seem to be more ads showing up and less stringent controls on ad quality. This opens up an opportunity for companies in the sector to use the platform for growth. In this […]

  • Twitter Trading Bot | Elon + DOGE = Profit

    Twitter Trading Bot | Elon + DOGE = Profit

    In this article I’ll share how I built a Twitter trading bot to trade a cryptocurrency called DOGE every time Elon Musk tweeted something mentioning it. I’ll be using NodeJS to query the Twitter API and then executing trades on FTX. Building A Twitter Trading Bot Video James On YouTube The “Elon Effect” Opportunity Anything […]

  • 3 Best Types Of Twitter Ads

    3 Best Types Of Twitter Ads

    In this article I share three types of twitter ads that have been most effective and provide the best return on ad spend. Twitter Ads [Video] This video demonstrates the setting up of a follower lookalike Twitter ads campaign along with how to create the ads and optimise performance. James On YouTube Follower Lookalike Follower […]

  • Social Network Demographics

    Heres a little sketch I put together of the stereotypical users of each of the major social networks. I used Alexa to put this together based on their audience profiling and I’ve linked to each at the bottom if you want some further reading. Alexa profiles: Facebook Twitter Linkedin Pinterest MySpace

  • Custom Facebook Share and Twitter Tweet Buttons as WordPress Widget

    The following is the php code to make your own dynamic Facebook share and Twitter tweet buttons. Just place the images in the root directory and install the Samsarin PHP widget. Copy this code into a Samsarin Php widget and drag it to your sidebar. <a target=”_blank” href=”http://www.facebook.com/sharer.php?u=<?php echo “http://” . $_SERVER[‘HTTP_HOST’]  . $_SERVER[‘REQUEST_URI’]; ?>”><img […]

  • Setting up twitter feed to post to Twitter and Facebook accounts

    If you don’t already have a facebook and twitter account for your company they are really easy to setup. On facebook remember to click the “Create a Page for a celebrity, band or business” link on the homepage. Once you have those accounts setup head over to twitterfeed.com and sign up for an account. Enter […]

  • Setting up custom facebook and twitter buttons using php

    The canonical tag has been a god send for us helping to get pages indexed and clean up site structures. In many sites we use the same php variable for our share buttons. This is a great way to setup custom twitter and facebook share buttons for your pages. We always use an external template […]