James Bachini


  • Automate Solidity With MEV

    Automate Solidity With MEV

    There are no cron jobs in Solidity or native to the Ethereum blockchain. To automate Solidity code we can either use an external service/oracle or we can incentivise MEV searchers to complete tasks efficiently on our behalf. This type of Solidity automation is very common and used widely across liquidation systems which require reliable, fast,…

  • How To Automate Yield Farming | Harvesting Rewards With A Quick & Dirty Script

    How To Automate Yield Farming | Harvesting Rewards With A Quick & Dirty Script

    Connect wallet, click button, confirm transaction. It gets old pretty quick, especially when you need to do it daily to compound returns. This tutorial takes you through the process of using a block explorer to find functions, calling those functions from a script and then executing to harvest and stake reward tokens. The aim is…

  • Designing Banners in Place

    Designing Banners in Place

    Something I don’t hear a lot of affiliates talk about is taking the placement in to consideration when designing banners. Sometimes if you are targeting multiple sites/positions this isn’t possible but for traffic sources like Facebook this is something every affiliate should consider. Simply take a screenshot of the page where you intend to advertise…

  • First Steps in Automation

    First Steps in Automation

    One of the great things about this industry is the lifestyle flexibility it offers you. The dream is to setup a campaign or website, let it run itself and live off the money tree you’ve made. In reality it rarely works like this but automation can release hours off your daily routines and go some…