The balance of an online marketers skillset

Effective online marketing requires a balance of skills. A good campaign requires creativity, great design, effective programming and meticulous optimisation.

Leonardo Da Vinci would have made a great affiliate. If he was around in today he’d find this easy because he had a great balance of artistic creativity and scientific inquisition.

da vinci onlin marketingGood design is intertwined with art as engineering is with science. A successful online marketer, or team of marketers must have a balance of both. Everyone has a analytical side of the brain (left side) and a creative (right side). Lets look at how this gets used when we go about our daily jobs.

affiliate brainProgramming is the one thing I’ve listed above which crosses the boundaries and requires both sides of the brain to be functioning. You need the creative side to write beautiful, elegant code but you need the analytical side of your brain to find all the bugs the creative side left in there. Probably though, a lot of these skillsets have some degree of crossover. I know I wish I could get more creative with my finances and find ways to pay less tax.

Its worth reflecting on your own skillset once in a while and looking at where you can make improvements. If you are much better at one side of the list above than the other it might be that you have a particularly analytical/creative brain. Make the most of it and either work to get the other side up to speed or hire someone to fill in the gaps.

davincieagle“A disturbing image on so many levels”

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2 Responses

  1. Daniel nguyen says:

    Hey great post man. I’m a new reader of your blog. How do I go about in improving these areas. I’m new in this business and I’m continuing to improve upon my skill set. Any direction would be great. Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Practice makes perfect. Get some campaigns up and running and try and use each skill set to improve ROI in some way. Just keep building new campaigns and pausing the 9/10 that don’t work and building the 1/10 that does.

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