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Healthy body healthy mind – Fitness for the self-employed

I see a lot of fitness and health related post on affiliate marketing blogs, everything from how I got ripped abs in 3 weeks to why I gave up coffee for a month. These sound more like our landing page headlines than blog posts but there does seem to be a strong focus in the industry towards a healthy lifestyle.

While I feel this is justified to an extent it is worth noting that the biggest individual affiliate in the world (as far as I know) is an email guy who does seven figures a month and weighs in excess of 300lbs!

Having said that I think confidence is key to a lot of things in life and getting yourself in shape to a certain extent is a great way to boost your confidence. I’m lucky because I have a high metabolism and couldn’t get to be overweight if I wanted to. I am fairly active too and love getting outdoors which helps a lot. About six months ago I started doing a short workout a couple of times a week just 15 minutes resistance training. I also try to consume a healthy high protein diet where possible, I’m a bit of a foodie generally though so I couldn’t ever go on a proper diet.

So is there any correlation (or more importantly causation) between healthy body and healthy mind? I’d say no, I think you can work just as well at a computer desk if you are unfit as if you are healthy. And as for giving up caffeine, are you serious?!

“The entire British empire was built on cups of tea and if you think I’m going into battle without one…”
Lock, stock and two smoking barrels

However because our job is based a lot of the time in an office looking at a computer screen I’d definitely recommend doing something to stay in shape or get some exercise. If not for your business then for your lifestyle in general. Being active and in shape gives you confidence and if you are confident in yourself this will give you confidence in other areas such as meeting people at conferences, public speaking etc. It certainly can’t do any harm to stay in shape so get outside and do some exercise instead of reading dumb affiliate blogs 😉

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