James Bachini

How to Sell Anything


I found this “How to Sell Anything” infographic and thought it was a really good example to show what happens on the other side of the sales marketing divide.

For most online marketers the thought of having to make a phone call or actually talk to someone probably seems a bit alien.

We just buy high volume traffic, dump it on a high converting landing page and wait for the money to roll in. But to sell high value/price products a more personal approach is necessary.

Perhaps online marketing will move more and more towards a customercentric funnel. For this to happen a lot of the steps above need to be automated to make it scalable for marketers.

Building trust, communication and transparency can be done through content marketing, retargeting, lead magnets, autoresponders. Good branding is how we normally build trust in online marketing.

Closing sales and follow ups… tripwires and autodresponders maybe but it’s not a perfect solution. Could chatbots close the gap here if they become more advanced and intelligent?

Giving time to decide, well I sometimes put a countdown timer on the landing pages… This is something affiliates are generally ignoring. We expect a direct response too often and if we don’t get an immediate conversion the lead is discarded.

The one thing we are really good at is counting the no’s it takes to get a yes, affiliates call that the conversion rate 🙂

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